Capstone Projects

Spring 2018 - Capstone One

Team Members:  Nathaniel Champion, Johnnie Chau, Richie Dare, Marissa Gravesande, Aaron James, Raymond Lin, Darshan Patel, Kajal Patel, Krunal Patel, Robby Robinson; Brenden Murphy (support)

Spring 2018 Capstone One  Project:  Akeso, Inc.
Akeso, Inc. presents the Akeso Band - a digital medical ID band, that specializes in the speed of use, ease of use, and privacy.  The band is a precursor to a comprehensive electronic health record database infrastructure, involving the same Near Field Technology scanning that makes our band faster, easier, and safer for patients. Akeso, Inc. serves not only these patients but the medical professionals that will use them, creating an efficiency and clarity within each community we serve.

Spring 2018 - Capstone Two 

Team Members: Namita Abraham, Jaron Ge, Kathy Lei, James Loftus, Lauren Nicole Richardson, Caroline Rong; Matt Batko and Danielle Kaufman (support)

Spring 2018 Capstone Two:  Project Name   VoxBox 2.0
 Since the initial introduction in Fall 2017 Showcase, the Capstone Two class has continued to evolve the development of VoxBox, a handheld device targeted to nonverbal children and students from ages 4 - 11 who struggle with learning.  VoxBox is a tool to help these children keep up with the pace of their peers and schoolmates by making it easier for them to communicate.  The product's software has been updated to be easier to use and the business and marketing plans have evolved as our understanding of the need for the product and potential uses have improved.   

Recent Capstone Projects

Fall 2017 Capstone project:   
VoxBox is a specialized assistive communication technology designed to help children with communication disorders in their struggle to effectively communicate with other people.  

Spring 2017 Capstone project:   
AUXO Garden provides gardeners with a kit that includes a moisture sensor, the companion AUXO app, and a beginner's box that comes with essential gardening tools.

Spring 2016 Capstone project:   
Slingshot is a STEM Education Kit designed to encourage young women to design and build technology-based products (products that contain both computer hardware and software elements).

Fall 2015 Capstone project:   
Class Quest is an interactive classroom environment designed to encourage student interaction and collaboration.

Timeline for Capstone Class

September  / October


Capstone students brainstorm ideas for IT products and then settle on product and direction.  Project teams form to handle product design and prototyping, finance and marketing.
October  Project teams meet and work out details surrounding the product design, cost, and marketing strategy.
November   Project teams continue to work meet and work on the product prototyping, financial plan, and marketing strategy.
December Capstone students develop a 45-minute presentation to showcase their IT product and development process before a panel of judges and peers at the ITI Showcase Fall 2018.