Capstone Projects

The VoxBox device

Fall 2017 Capstone project:  VoxBox     

VoxBox is a specialized assistive communication technology designed to help children with communication disorders in their struggle to effectively communicate with other people.  

Fall 2017 Capstone class:  Namita Abraham, Matthew Batko, Alyssa Evangelista, Jaron Ge,  Anthony Lam, Kathy Lei, James Loftus, Caroline Rong, Lauren Richardson, and Cooper Tunnard.  

Recent Capstone Projects

Spring 2017 Capstone project:   
AUXO Garden provides gardeners with a kit that includes a moisture sensor, the companion AUXO app, and a beginner's box that comes with essential gardening tools.

Spring 2016 Capstone project:   
Slingshot is a STEM Education Kit designed to encourage young women to design and build technology-based products (products that contain both computer hardware and software elements).

Fall 2015 Capstone project:   
Class Quest is an interactive classroom environment designed to encourage student interaction and collaboration.