When:   Monday, April 27, 2020

Where:  College Avenue Student Center


3:00 - 3:30 PM:   Check-in and set up for both ITI 210 teams and Capstone class

3:30 - 3:45 PM:   Welcome  / Introductions

3:45 - 5:00 PM:   ITI 210 Showcase Prototype and Pitch Competition

5:00 - 5:15 PM:   Dinner Break

5:15 - 6:00 PM:   Capstone Class Presentation/ Judges Feedback

6:00 - 6:15 PM:   Awards - Student Choice / Judges Choice

6:15 - 6:30 PM:   Pictures with Judges and winning teams; clean up 


Pictures and Videotaping:  By participating in the ITI Showcase on December 10, 2019 you agree to provide Rutgers permission to record your image or voice and you agree to provide all right for Rutgers to use those images and recordings for educational, promotional, or other purpose that support the mission of the ITI Program and the School of Communication & Information at Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey.  Having your image and voice recorded is at your discretion and If you do not want your image or voice recorded, please notify your ITI instructor and ITI Program Assistant, Connie Pascal so that your voice and image will not be included in published pictures or videos of the event.

Things to Know About

  • Check-In:  Only one person (the project manager needs to check in the team in at registration.  Upon arrival, all other team members should meet at the team's assigned table.
  • Team and Poster Photos: Each team is asked to have their team portrait taken during the event.  A team photo includes all team members that want to be photographed standing on either side of your team's poster; teams should be displaying a laptop with their application image showing and holding any brochures, handouts, or swag the team is giving out.  
  • Winning Teams:  If your team wins an award please stay and have your picture taken with your certificates and instructor - we promise to be quick.
  • Clean Up:   All teams are required to clean up their assigned table area and properly dispose of all trash in and around their assigned table once Showcase is concluded.  If you want to recycle/donate your poster board to elementary kids, please remove anything that can be removed and stack your blank poster board by the entrances.

Prototype and Pitch Competition Guidelines 

  • Teams should prepare to spend about seven minutes with their judging teams.  All teams should prepare an elevator pitch (about 90 seconds) and prototype demonstration (2 - 3 minutes) and be prepared to answer questions the remaining time. 
  • Teams will display their posters on a 36” x 48” trifold poster board.  Additional brochures, handouts, or swag is at the discretion of each team. 
  • Teams should be prepared to demo a working prototype of their application. The prototype can run on a mobile phone, tablet, or laptop.  No outlets are available for plugging in monitors.  For best performance in the College Ave Student Center (which only has one router) running the prototype through an Internet Hotspot may be recommended.  

Prototype and Pitch Competition Attendance 

  • Attendance:  Students are required to attend Showcase unless they have an excused absence from their instructor.  In the event of an emergency, students should contact their instructors before Showcase begins.
  • Proof of Attendance:  Students will be required to complete, sign and turn in their Student Choice Ballot / Attendance Form. This form will be given to you by your team's project manager or scrum master.  A signed Student Choice / Ballot form is proof of attendance and will also be used as an entry in Drawing (see below).

Prototype and Pitch Competition Awards

  • Student Choice Awards: Students in the ITI 210 classes will peer review all projects and cast their votes for their top choice for each topic area.  
  • Judges Choice Awards:  A panel of judges from industry and academia will evaluate all projects and choose their top choice for each topic area.
  • Showcase Winner:   Any teams chosen as both Student Choice and Judges Choice favorites will be considered Showcase Winner.
  • Prizes for Winning Teams:  All students on all winning teams will receive a Showcase prize and a Certificate of Achievement.    
  • Drawing for Prizes:  Three students will be chosen at random to win Showcase Prizes. Your signed Student Choice Ballot / Attendance Form is your entry in the drawing.  This drawing is open to ITI Program students only; students must be present to win.