Workshop Materials

Handouts and Links

  • Workshop Presentation - PDF version of the workshop slides
  • Handout 1 - Indigo Studio Quick Tips
  • Handout 2 - Common UX Design
  • Handout 3 - Group Exercise - Interaction design for RU Chat
  • RU Hungry - Indigo Prototype to practice how to give each other feedback on your Indigo prototypes Training Videos 

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Videos and Tutorials 

NEW! Short Tutorial on Using Indigo Studio by Instructor Victoria Kulikowski, March 2019 (8:43 min)


Introduction to Design Thinking by Instructor Ben Bakelaar, March 2017 (14:45 min)


Installing Indigo Studio by Instructor Victoria Kulikowski, 2018 (:56 sec)


Indigo Workspace and Creating a Project by Instructor Victoria Kulikowski, 2018 (7:28 min)


Linking Interactions by Instructor Victoria Kulikowski, 2018 (7:59 min)


Usability and Testing by Instructor Victoria Kulikowski, 2018 (3:02 min)


Publishing and Sharing Your Prototype by Instructor Victoria Kulikowski, 2018 (53 sec)

More Training Videos from Infragistics Indigo Studio