Theresa Dirndorfer Anderson

Theresa Anderson

Director, Master of Data Science & Innovation

University of Technology - Sydney, Australia

In her teaching and her research, Theresa engages with the ever-evolving relationship between people and emerging technologies, conceptually engaging with notions of risk, uncertainty and creativity. As a socio-technical researcher, she applies a transdisplinary approach and value-sensitive participatory methods to explore human entanglements with emerging technologies and information practices.  As an information ethicist, she is particularly interested in the interaction between creative and analytic thinking and doing and in examining ways information systems and institutional policies might better support both creative and analytic activities. Internationally she is leading discussion about these issues as chair of the Information Seeking in Context international research community and founder of the Human-Centred Data Science Network.  Her research builds on her PhD thesis (“Understandings of relevance and topic as they evolve in the scholarly research process”), which in 2005 was awarded the 1st Annual Emerald/EFMD Outstanding Doctoral Research Award (Information Science category) in recognition of the innovative approach taken.

Fall 2016