Showcase Fall 2016 - Student Projects

ITI Prototype and Pitch Competition Projects

Projects Students Description
DiverCity Kiran Arshi, Baron Edwards, Ezio Intriago, Jungwoo Lee, Stan Li, Abeer Sabzwari
Food Finds Umama Ahmed, Elese Chen, Martyna Gerlach, Dorothy Mui, Jonathan Paragas
autHOMEation Jon Chen, Jess Kwok, Zach Persichetti, Dylan Rodriguez, Renard Tumbokon
Bridging the Gap Mariam Aminyar, Shreya Balusu, Nathaniel Ladouceur, John Manzano, Alexia Melhado, Mike Tierney
Cal / Ex Andrea Delgado, Jordan Lyon, Daniel Maglione, Scott Mandell, Pavel Mishim, Tania Rincon, Abi Singaram
CampusBike Jared Calimano, Jeremy Katz, Kyle Kruger
CheckMe Anthony Belgrave, Ari Kerdell, Joel Rodrigues, Stephen Thomas
ClassNavi - Integrating syllabi from Sakai Fuad Ali, Devone Bennett, Norris Brown, Samson Dogbe, Serin Han, Karnveer Manhani

ClassNavi is a task integration app that simply and painlessly integrates the syllabi of a student’s semester classes into their electronic calendar platform. Faculty will also have access to the app in order to quickly add important dates. The focus is on schools who already use the Sakai educational management tool.

CommuteR Nick Creer, Cesar Faustino, Shak Sakhobiyen, Nick Vignali
Continuity Telematics - Preventing lost revenue from power outages Moses Alvarado, Glenn Hamadyk (Zach), Emerson Jones, Jason MaDavante McDuffie, Kemoko Turay

Continuity Telematics seeks to prevent loss of revenue resulting from disruptive power outages caused by bad weather or human error.  The goal is to implement an online business continuity plan tailored for each business.  The primary strategy involves connecting business clients to a 4G-LTE network at a cost-effective rate.

eRBs Alan Fai, Derek Kammerer, Jon Kim, Dave Woo
EZ-Task David Abraham, Jared Dalleo, Jake Goldfarb, Sean Griffin, Jimmy Loftus, Nasir Mehdi
FasTrack Lucas Cheng, Mustafa Hammam, Anand Kalola, Sumanth Karasala, Neil Shah, Brian Yeh
Gamolution Qinghua Dang, Louis Kang , Farid Mamoor, Tomaz Powell, Khalil Safiullah
Health Ensured Madhulika Chitrapu, Alyssa Evangelista, Edmund Law, Payal Kapoor, Suraj Patel
Interitus Allen Chang, Zia Chaudhry, Austin Fischer, Samuel Kim, Zhi Liao, Nick Provenzano, Chris Veary
Matrix Vishal Dholakia, Priyanka Parikh, Amit Patel
Pantry Magic - Personalized recipe creation Crystal Attidore, Chad Butler, Robert Nea, Chris Vanomen, Billy Yu

Pantry Magic is an unmotivated cooker’s dream. Recipe books and websites usually require purchasing necessary ingredients. However, the "Pantry Magic" web site creates recipes for its users based on the ingredients that they have on-hand. So  instead of thinking of a recipe, our users simply input what they have into our online form, and then our site creates a personalized recipe for them.

Park U - Big data helps find parking Alexander Chin, Casey Lau, Filip Lech, William Haesemeyer, Bryan Lam, Christopher Eskender

Overall Winner of Showcase Fall 2016 - Park U!

Park U takes a big data approach to finding parking at Rutgers.  Park U uses Bluetooth low energy parking passes, location data gathered from smart phones and data from RU Department of Transportation to pinpoint exactly where to park on campus.   (Instructor:  Connie Pascal)

Robo - T - Robotic trash can for offices Mark Cheon, Bernadette Corpuz, Ryan Fitzmaurice, Rekha Ganesh, Anthony Golaszewski, Cyril Manayath

Robo-T has developed a prototype robotic trash can.  The objective is to place their device into every cubicle in a business setting.  Waste management will be maintained as the device routinely takes out the trash.  Once implemented, the process will maintain a hygienic environment and enable greater document security.

RU On Track George Cardenas, Luis Infante, Tsvetan Konov, Kimberly Livingston, Sharifa Noble
RU Ready Connor Accorsi, Betina Fonseca, Diane Krogry, Christopher Williamson, Andrew Winkleman
RU Web Ready Albert Campos, Evan Habrukowich, Shady Ibrahim, David Laevsky
Rutgers 2.0 Mishel Doshi, Alexandra Faltyn, Sebastian Osiecki, T. J. White
Sakai Groups Keith Barry, Rosario Jimenez, Kevin Justich, Nic Konopka, Mario Sleiman
Sleep Study Aid Nathan Berlin, Chandler Edwardson, Jean Woo Ha, Christopher Moore, Jeffrey Panciera, Jonathan Seiwert, Trinh Son, Junlin Yang
StudyMatch Kerry Deen, Ben Dinapoli, Taylor Narsavage, Kahang Ngau, Renz Sarayba, Jasmin Zayed
SyllNdar Pavel Aparcana, Amarleen Kaur, Dylen Kuay, Peter Quick, Avi Sachdev, Naba Zamir
UniComm - Optimizing tech support in hospitals Dante Cortijo, Faheem Khan, Claire Shih, Mark Vinegra, Corey Yelo

In the fast-paced healthcare environment, where seconds equate to saved lives, there is a dire need for prompt responses to IT issues. UniComm offers a solution to optimize hospital and technology support company operations. By reducing miscommunication and increasing productive time between hospitals and their tech support teams, UniComm aims to keep technology working for our customers.

UpNext - Cloud based collaborative playlist Mary Adams, Rohit Annapureddy, Sean Doherty, Damla Kaya, Malcolm Keith, Justin Joung

UpNext is a cloud-based service allowing users to host a single group for a collaborative, social playlist. The app and service allows music streaming and sharing services from various sources with every user having the opportunity to determine what song is Up Next.


Venmo Security Upgrade Justin Friedman, Jeremiah King, Kieran Lawlor, Nicholas Manete, Amy Noor
Xscape Theresa Allen, Amy Bai, Mishu Das, Carl Del Rosario, Juwan Gilliam, Jeremy Gonzalo, Nitin Vijayakumar