Showcase Spring 2017 - Student Projects

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ITI Prototype and Pitch Competition Projects

Projects Students Description Topic
Auxo - CAPSTONE PROJECT Carlin Au, Zia Chaudhry, Colin Crotty, Steve Friedman, Jake Goldfarb, Jeremy Gonzalo, Ezio Intriago, Zhi Liao, Tina Liu, Abi Singaram

AUXO Garden is a product that provides any gardener with the tools necessary to ensure the success of their garden. Our product includes a moisture sensor, the companion app, and a beginner's box that comes with essential gardening tools

Apollo Sujay Adkar, Angela Bozek, Suraj Ganguly, Hannah Hu, Daniel Kraft, Robert Mcgowan, Thomas Ochoa, Ryan Swift

A software application that converts handwritten music composition to an electronic format with playback.

Easy Money Zishan Hussain, Jeff John, Sufian Rahim, Prabhjot Singh, Dmitri Mendis, Daniel Venetsky

Easy Money is an app which will be used for gambling and betting in a variety of ways. This app will allow the convenience of being able to bet on things like sports games on your phone at the touch of a button.

EatUp Muhammad Anis, Renz (Ralph) Castillo, Conor Gillen, Christopher Kim, Jiayi Wang, Yi Zheng

A matchmaking app based on eating preferences.

Fuber Alex Arrington, Chanel Bradshaw, Courtney Ho, Peter Hsiao, Krysti Leong, John Linn, Ben Tong, Kevin Wong

Food delivery using drones

Green Light Arvind Farmah, Bhawandeep Kang, Defeng Kong, Yifang Li, Robert Perez, Jabari Phillips, Yichun Wang

Green Light is an app designed for teachers to effectively communicate with parents about the status of their children's education.

Homework Match Adam Ahmed, Len Ansong, Alex Baran, Robert Marczydlo

A website that matches students based on majors and current class schedules to create studying and collaboration groups. 

iHungry Nish Anand, Johnathan Dominguez Martinez, Oscar Ponciano, Michal Saniewski, Kash Tare

Putting the RU meal plan in motion- a mobile app for takeout and delivery from RU Dining Halls. 

Inbox Zero Namita Abraham, Jonathan Garrido, Asad Niaz, Philip Plucinski, Wei Pan, Nicca Templo, Steven Vergona, Jaron Ge

Inbox Zero is a web application made up of organizational tools that will help users quickly delete the emails that have piled up in their inbox.

Instrumentalist Angelo Ciaramello, Oscar Cui, Neel Rana, Chris Santos, Jon Striks, Tiffany Villa

App/Site to connect musicians with each other and customers/clients. 

Jackrabbit Eric Biton, Alexis Hill, Sneha Karla, Jessica Lopez

Office productivity tool that combines videoconferencing (Skype), file sharing (Google Drive), Office (MS Office), communication (email). 

Management Solutions Miguel Colombani, Stephen Huang, Bruce Lemyre, Daniel Toczylowski, Tyler Wiener

Project productivity app that combines technology with proven project management models. 

Minds Eye Andrew Li, Alex Matechak, Mark Printo, Christian Tavares, Vincent Vingali

Device (hat) that reads thoughts and transcribes them (in Word)

Park on the Spot Erik Bobo, Michael Felezzola, Seiji Matsumoto, Abuchi Oguono, Karan Patel, Eric Reyes

Mobile app to help users easily locate where they parking their car.

Park RU Alyssa Capparelli, Juliana Doran, Nishitha Kambhaladinne, Raymond Lin, Bryce Marciniak, Tristan Randolph

A mobile app and parking lot counting infrastructure which makes finding a parking place much easier for Rutgers students and faculty. 

Personal Health Management Sumra Alvi, Zain Akhtar, Ashley Bishop, Joseph Lavecchia, Jesse Osafo, Vanesa Osei, Darren Tolud

Mobile app delivering the most personal and accurate health management experience.

PlonkIt Hamza Agha, Susan Bae, Gary Diciano, Sarthak Sarna, Christopher Sodbinow, Calvin Sutton

Mobile app that supports a virtual market for finding and/or renting a parking space parking. 

RU Bikes on Demand Brooke Deines, Allen Mo, Colin Moore, Scott Nash, Albertano Santos-Velazquez

Mobile app, website, and bicycles that gives Rutgers students on-demand access to bicycles. 

RU Cooking Kirthana Govindaraju, Syed Haider, Joseph Koh, Markim Ottey, John Palmer

An application to help off-campus students identify and cook healthy and affordable meals. 

RU Healthy David Ackerman, Kruthika Bachali, Joseph Leonardis, Leo Llanos , Verena Mankarios, Robert Robinson

An app from RU Health Services that connects students to healthcare via eVisits, telehealth and telecommunication.

RU Hungry Vinny Calabrese, Randall Newman, Farhad Soomro, Tawfiq Thahiru, Nicholas Vuono

A mobile app that puts a Fat Sandwich (or a Fat Salad) in the user's hand.

RU Organized Tanla Ayik, Victoria Cilurzo, Kathy Lei, Robert Murgolo, Vinay Patel, Nathan Pierre, Jian Song

An integrated Rutgers portal that provides students with a single source access to online course planning, advising and registration tools to facilitate on-time graduation.

RU RealTime Jack Fredericks, Tom Gerwer, James Torres, Quadree Washington, Huda Yousef

Bus app featuring real-time data and state of the art crowd-monitoring sensors to improve the RU bus experience.

RU Sakai Mobile Manuel Bravo, Todd Breitfeller, Clevon Holman, Michael Zhadanovsky

A mobile Sakai application that improves the student experience by optimizing screen views, accessibility, and user friendliness. 

RU Scarlet Rooms Jenny Huang, Yumna Khan, Prince Polley, Jairo Rosario, Danyal Siddiqui, Ahmed Soherwardy, William Steidl

Online portal for Rutgers students to buy, sell, and exchange resources.

RU Starving Frank Aita, Matthew Batko, Johnnie Chau, Ed Farmer, Hirra Muzaffar, Allyson Rakes

Mobile app for RU students and others to order and pre-pay for food to be ready for later pick-up or delivery from the dining halls. 

RU Study Buddy Jolaolu Babalola, Noelle-Marie Cabrales, Aaron Chang, Nizar Choudhury, Edy de Leon, Steven Scigowski

A mobile application designed to help Rutgers New Brunswick students find and connect with other students to form study groups. 

Rutgers 2.0 Tianyi Chai, Peiran Chen, Sierra Gratale, Adam Liu, Luis Tenorio-Coronel, Zhu Yauxuan

New and greatly improved version of the existing Rutgers app.

Safe and Sound Hussain Ahmed, Gustavo Campana, Jennifer Lynk, Maria Rifath, Lawrence Bugaoan, Mike Iavarone

Mobile app providing real-time crime, weather, and traffic alerts plus access to the Halo buddy-on-demand system.

Smart Parking Krunal Patel, Jayanth Bandu, Shriya Desai, Tomasz Karaszewski, Prakhar Patel, Reid Siegrist , Zhiyuan Yu

Smart Parking is an EZPass like parking system with a companion app designed to show users the number of empty parking slots in a lot, facilitates sign up, payment, and easy access to emergency services.

Streamline Brandon Cheng, Stephanie Kowk, Daniel Louie, Steven Mattia, Eric Xu

Professor and student collaboration app to streamline the organization, grading and management of group projects. Chantelle Glowacki, Dan Lezana, Anne Murray, Apoorva Sahasrabudhe, Abhilash Verra, Emily White

Nationwide mobile textbook marketplace for students. 

What to Wear Tiffany Hunter, Anchalee Pagsanjan, Derek Pan, Tenzin Tsepel, Eric Whitted-McKoy, Edwin Zheng

Mobile fashion app to help users curate their own look based on their own closet and share their closets with friends. 

wUrkforce Tyler Brick, Shane Curry, Matt Fontanbilla, Christopher Hilinski , Alyssa Ramella

App to help users create more visually appealing and comprehensive resumes that result in face-to-face interviews. 

XploreD Ambika Gaur, Don Kim, Hammad Patel, Kajal Patel, Shirali Shah, Lauren Richardson, Sikander Raja, Connor Trespalacios

XploreD is an app/website service which recommends nearby activities and places based on the user’s preferences and current location.