Showcase Spring 2019 - Student Projects

Winning Projects - Spring 2019

Student Choice Winners

  • Business – Knapsack
  • Social Impact – donate+
  • Education IT – Pinged 
  • Healthcare IT – FocusGlass
  • Judges Choice Winners

  • Business – FUMUS
  • Social Impact – Win Win
  • Education IT – GreenLight 
  • Healthcare IT – GoPatient


ITI Prototype and Pitch Competition Projects

Projects Students Description Topic
AIM  (Asset in Making) Salman Mansuri, Connor Leong, Amin Abid, Francisco Canaro, Robert Henick

Provide a career development tool in which first-time job seekers and unemployed laborers are equipped with the essential knowledge needed to understand the world’s current business environment.

Social Impact
Connect Sankeerth Boppana, Ashley Bustos, Ryan Flynn, Brett O'Donnell, David Son

Connect is a centralized customer engagement platform for businesses to connect with users and form a community.

General Business Process
Dolce Allison Eng, Sean McGee, Gabriel Fernandez, Matthew Holmes, Varun Reddy, Alexander Coward

Dolce's purpose is to get people shopping at local businesses by offering exclusive deals and discounts not available online.

General Business Process
Donate+ Abhi Bhardwaj, Rohan Bhatt, Jaiquan Holloway-Reeves, Kaylin Nguyen, Albert Sharipov, Randep Singh

Donate+ is a platform that connects you directly with local non-profit organizations in need of donations and volunteer services.

Social Impact
EZ-Apply Vasi Saqib, Carly Disclafani, MD Ahamed, Parinha Sethik, Jaralyn Parchman, Samuel Thornton

EZ-Apply is an application that breaks down the complicated information that must be understood in order to apply for college.

FitHab Sonya Gande, Matthew Calugay, Leonard Leyva, Keyur Palan, Victoria Jiang, Fahima Waqqas

FitHab provides customized workouts to young injured athletes who don't want to have their fitness routine altered while they recover.

Healthcare IT
FocusGlass Marvin Ospina, Mustafa Kasabchy, Maria Migliorino, James Nitti, Jason Jacob, Nicholas Ungar

FocusGlass provides a way for people to protect their eyes from excessive use of computers and mobile devices.

Healthcare IT
FUMUS William Loh, Celine Murakami, Chandni Patel, Troy Chambliss, Felipe Diaz, John Disimone

Device that will utilize GPS to track lost Juul electronic cigarette

General Business Process
Fun Read LLC Pranav Bhojraj, Nidhi Kapadia, Siara Rana, Urvee Trivedi

Introducing grade school children to a fun and intuitive method of reading online

GoPatient Miguel Colombani, Vishrut Shah, Frank Alexander, Erton Xhambazi

Become the worldwide standard for assessing patient health care information

Healthcare IT
Green Light Arvind Farmah, Bhawandeep Kang, Defeng Kong, Yifang Li, Robert Perez, Jabari Phillips, Yichun Wang

Green Light is an app designed for teachers to effectively communicate with parents about the status of their children's education.

H'app'itat for Humanity Trent Barrett, Angela Mankarios, Sarah Khan, Xiwen Shen, Saned Elfahmy, Marvin Reyes, Abdullah Ansari

This is a platform that aims to provide homeless people access to the resources they need to find jobs and improve their situations.

Social Impact
HMAC (Health Management Access Code) Romaisa Syed, Jericho Chaikin, Leon Kim, Chris Cushman, Robert Punk, Chadwick Akumiah

The HMAC will offer doctors and patient care physicians a system to effectively conduct health care matters, protect patient information, and alert IT security departments of any breaches or detections.

Healthcare IT
iLearn Alexander Byun, Soowon Cho, Rex Kang, Regina Matherw, Nikita Punit, Michelle Remmett, Samin Sanju

iLearn is game-based educational software designed to promote student engagement and improve student performance.

IT Self Service Thomas Ellis, Gino Larato, Dan Thiberge

Maximizing IT self-service efficiency from start to finish

General Business Process
Knapsack Maria Antony, Ho Young Choi, Victor Kim, Leo Lopez, Ricky Sood, Melissa Yip

Not everyone has the luxury of working from home. Knapsack is an application that facilitates remote working.

General Business Process
Linq Prithika Anand, Jahmarry Grant, Soumya Kurup, Enidyaj Turner, Sandesh Rao, Mandeep Arora

Linq is an app that simplifies access to and use of social media sites.

General Business Process
LitSwap Young Choi, Maria Kasper, Jack Ly, Julianna Rossano, JC Samson, Jerald See, David Yang

LitSwap is a non-profit offering a free book swapping service which supports local libraries and other organizations.

Social Impact
Med-Portal Douglas Adkins, Victor Basov, Brian Morton-Salley, Sonale Patel, Pierre Arca-Sedda, Gianna Way

Med-Portal makes healthcare easy to understand and puts your medical records back in your hands.

Healthcare IT
My Health Band Vivien Bianca Cruz, Prit Gandhi, Ross Krachman, Shreya Nair, Vivek Patel, Aman Tomar

My Health Band is a wearable health band that stores patient records for those 65+ for EMT and hospital rapid access.

Healthcare IT
Pinged Robert Joseph, Muhammed Syed, Dhruv Parmar, Yvonne Chan, Michael Martinez, Anthony Terranova

MotivateEd enables commuting students at universities to network outside of class, find study partners, and help them to connect to improve their overall college experience.

Remind Ari Friedman, Vishnu Kurmar, Esdras Malbranche, Jonathon Xiong

Help students and professors become more time efficient

ScoreDoor Sebastian Dowell, Anthony Grosso, Jaime Moreno, Neha Salman, Cypress Rhoades, Brian Sherbert

ScoreDoor is an app that incents younger students to study by offering rewards for test preparation and study.

SmartCart Daniel Jiang, Ryan McGinnis, Connor McMurdo, Rachel Ngoge, Harry Sandhu, Simi Singh

SmartCart is a cart equipped with an automatic scanning system that makes your shopping experience a breeze!

General Business Process
Soteria D'Andre Brooks, Hans Bumanglag, Urbens Jean-Baptiste, Rayana Lyons, Camila Mejia, Vickram Singh, Grant Thompson

Soteria is a division of Yelp that provides information on safe meeting locations for people who connect online.

Social Impact
Virtually Daniel Avila, Wesley Borke, Peter Duong, Zhen Merkulov, Shivam Patel, Jillian Walker

Virtually is an interactive game to teach students practical life skills of personal finance, emotional intelligence, and charitable endeavors.

vitalconnect Dean Alamleh, Josh Birbach, Humberto Esquibel Berniz, Matt McGarrity, Nick Reis, Jessica Slater

We provide a safe and stress-free environment to share healthcare information.

Healthcare IT
Win Win Nicholas Lisa, Usman Ahmed, Jonathan Carangui, Lisette Vasquez, Raquia Battle, Nirali Patel

Win Win enables shoppers to support the homeless people in their communities by purchashing extra items from partnering retailers to be donated.

Social Impact