About ITI 210 Course

The Management of Technological Organizations Course (04:547:210) is a course that looks at the strategic value of information systems in organization and engages students in the fundamental concepts associated with how information systems are managed and the role of information technology professionals in organizations.   

A feature of the ITI 210 course is 'Showcase Project'.  In this semester long project, students work in 5 - 7 person teams to develop an original business pitch and working prototype of a mobile, tablet, or desktop application designed to solve an organization's problem or extend an organization's value.  This project gives students the opportunity to experience what it is like to work with other IT professionals, both online and in-person, to create a technology-based solution in a real-world scenario.  

The ITI 210 students present their projects at the Prototype and Pitch Competition at the ITI Showcase at the end of each semester. 

ITI 210 Details

  • ITI 210 is a 3 credit course and required for all students seeking a major in Information Technology and Informatics
  • There are currently seven sections of ITI 210 offered in the Fall and Spring semesters and one section offered in the Summer.
  • ITI 210 classes typically have between 25 – 30 students.  


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