ITI Showcase Prototype and Pitch Competition

The ITI 210 - Management of Technological Organizations course features a semester-long assignment known as the ITI Showcase Project ...aka the Prototype and Pitch Competition where student teams compete with each other for Student and Judges Choice awards for favorite projects.  This project is based on three core principles of the ITI program:  

  • Information systems are strategic to organizations. 
  • IT professionals need to learn how to work effectively in small teams. 
  • ITI students benefit from learning how IT projects are managed in organizations.   

Prototype and Pitch Competition Objectives

At the end of this project, the student will...

  • experience the design phase of the application development lifecycle, including learning how to design and prototype a working user interface of a website or desktop, tablet or mobile app using a prototyping tool.  
  • grasp the strategic and operational importance of information systems in organizations.
  • practice how to work in small teams in hybrid communication environments to produce IT related deliverables.
  • collaborate and communicate more effectively both interpersonally and in writing. 
  • gain confidence in presenting their ideas in public 

Prototype and Pitch Competition Project Scenario

In the Prototype and Pitch competition assignment, student form teams who have been hired by an organization to come up with a technology-based solution that either solves a problem or extends the organization's value to its stakeholders. ng a technology-based solution.  design and prototype a mobile, tablet or desktop application that helps solve the organization's problem or extend its value to its stakeholders. Student teams choose one of the following topics as the focus their project:

  • Supporting General Business Processes to improve productivity, decision making, stakeholder satisfaction, etc
  • Developing software applications to support Education related endeavors 
  • Employing IT to improve health and health care service delivery, e.g., Healthcare IT
  • Helping an organization that wants to make a Social Impact